Get Ready To Be Mesmerized By Sable Robbert And Her SEXY Dance Moves

by 3 years ago
sable robbert bikini model pics video

John Neyrot - Bikini Team

The kids over at Bikini Team have done it again, discovered a sizzling hot model to make their Bikini Model of the Month. Meet Sable Robbert and her mesmerizing eyes.

That’s right, I said eyes. Girl has got a pair of eyes that you could get lost in for dayyys. The rest of her isn’t too shabby either. Of course the sexy bikinis help show us that. She’s also, as I mentioned, a really good dancer…as you will see in the video below.

The guys over at Bikini Team say that they ran into Sable Robbert while they were at the Miss Hooters event in Las Vegas and just had to do a photo shoot with her. I really need to put that event on my bucket list. And take up photography.

sable robbert bikini team model

YouTube - Bikini Team

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