Meet Sable Robbert, The Newly Crowned 2016 Miss Hooters International Has The Bikini Body Of A Golden Goddess

Last night in Las Vegas a crown was placed on the head of Sable Robbert, naming her Miss Hooters International 2016 and the face of Hooters worldwide for the next year. Leading up to the pageant last night I’ve been covering the Miss Hooters International Swimsuit competition pretty hard. Yesterday I shared an extensive gallery of all 80 contestants in the pageant, and last week I brought you bros a gallery of every winner from 1997 to 2015.

Well, I can finally stop speculating on who might win it all because Sable Robbert bested the other 79 candidates to be named Miss Hooters 2016, and once you see her pics below it will become very obvious that she was the correct choice this year. Before we get to the best of her Instagram pics, here’s the photo I shared yesterday (courtesy of Hooters), showing Fort Lauderdale’s Sable Robbert in her Hooters bikini:

2016 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant Contestants


What’s kind of interesting is our very own editor of all things bikini, Doug, posted photos of Sable Robbert and her bikini body way back in September 2015, long before she became world famous as Miss Hooters 2016. Now let’s check out the very best of her Instagram, including photos from last night’s 2016 Miss Hooters Internationals Swimsuit Pageant:

For all of our 2016 Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant coverage you can just follow that link, and for our past coverage of Miss Hooters 2016 Sable Robbert you can go ahead and click on her name! You should also make sure to follow @Hooters on Instagram as well as Sable Robbert (you can click on any of those pics above to follow her account).

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