Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart Really Likes To Flaunt A Very Specific Body Part In ALL Of Her Selfies

sammi sweetheart 2

Somewhere, right now, Sammi and meat stick Ronnie are breaking up over something trivial.

Somewhere, right now, Sammi and meat stick Ronnie are getting back together, as Ronnie patches up the drywall he put his meaty arm through in a fit of rage.

We’ve all seen this charade on rinse and repeat from their stint on The Jersey Shore, a show we all watched for far longer than we should have, but outwardly claimed it was for losers. Ronnie and Sammi’s relationship went about as well as a Lena Dunham strip club surprise party, bringing out the ugliness in them both.

When it’s the fourth quarter but the Dancing with the Stars finale on…

ronnie sammi


After a good half decade, I’ve finally been able to see Sammi as the babe she is. Granted, in these pictures there’s no mascara running down her face, but she looks healthy, both physically and mentally. And that my friend, is sexy.

Heat is heat bros. Heat is heat.

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