Spectacular Sara Underwood Dropped Another Screen-Melting Instagram Video

It was only 15 days ago that scintillating Sara Underwood shared one of her hottest Instagram videos of all-time. Well, the stunning Sara has returned with yet another spectacular video as well as more scalding pics.


The mesmerizing Miss Underwood is the gift that keeps on giving.

She gives so much it hurts.


It looks like Sara is thinking about me again.

No kneepads?

I never get Sara Underwood as one of the hitchhikers and drifters that I pick up in the middle of nowhere.


What a view!



The video features the lovely Sara and her pert derriere in a hot spring and in front of a waterfall.


TLC is full of shit, you definitely want to go chasing waterfalls if scintillating Sara Underwood is at the end of it.