Sara Underwood Topless Holding An Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy Is My Whole Life In One Picture

There it is. Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood in one glorious snapshot. The Ultimate Warrior wrestling buddy is symbolic of a childhood spent in front of a TV watching muscly men dressed in drag beat the bag out of each other, while the topless girl is a microcosm of an adolescence spent in front of the bra and panties section of my mom’s Macy’s catalog. God I wish I could still turn those pages.

Anyhoo, wrestling kind of lost its luster for me when I was old enough to dominate un-staged sports and after I found out Hulk Hogan was a racist shithead and my mom’s magazines became irrelevant when porn. And it’s pretty much been porn in the driver’s seat ever since. I honestly don’t see porn taking its foot off the gas anytime soon either.

But good Lord, if there’s a SFW-ish substitute for porn, then Sara Underwood’s Instagram account is the Reduced Fat Cheez-It to PornHub’s Cheez-It.


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