This Slow-Motion Bikini Video Of Hannah Ferguson Is The HOTTEST Thing You’ll See Today

hannah ferguson bikini slow motion

Hannah Ferguson, Instagram

When it comes to Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and their rankings when it comes to Instagram I’d have to put Hannah Ferguson neck-and-neck right there with Samantha Hoopes.

Until today I would have said Hoopes had a slight edge based on the fact that, well, see-through shirts and showering naked, yo, but now it’s almost really a toss-up. We do love us a good slow-motion bikini video.

Sure, Ferguson was in a sexy Carl’s Jr. commercial and rocked bodypaint like few others for SI, so she’s got a hell of a resume, but we’re talking strictly Instagram here. Hard to compete with nearly-naked Instagram pics, but Hannah’s account still gets an A+ from me.

Check out Ferguson’s latest video effort and some other evidence in her favor and see what you think…

#SideboobSaturday… I like it.

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