A Stripper At T.I.’s ATL Strip Club Allegedly Made The Average American’s Salary In One Night From A Table Of NBA Players

Last month, rapper TI held an audition for strippers for his new Gentleman’s Club V Live in Atlanta. A reported 1,600 hopefuls showed up to try to get a gig at what would sure be the gold standard for strip clubs in the ATL. Since TI and his business partner Damon Cobbs needed to narrow their scope down to 100 lovely ladies, they used the following criteria:

a well-rounded butt, toned body and tight abs put most candidates over the top, and of course … great personality was a must. (via TMZ)


Welp, the strip club has officially opened and it’s the hottest ticket in town, packed to the brim every night with scene-sters with deep pockets looking to outdo each other by laying down fat stacks for the ladies dancing in primetime hours.

According to MediaTakeOut, one lucky lady took home $30,000 in ONE night, which nearly amounts to what the average American makes in one year ($32,000).

According to MediaTakeOut.com’s snitches one dancer in particular is making NBA-TYPE money at the club. Her name is ZYLAH and we hear that on Saturday she made $30K in tips – popping it for a table full of NBA PLAYERS.

Check out Zylah below:


I’m not saying I feel bad for a stripper who just made 30 Gs in one shift, but that’s gotta make for an uncomfortable work environment. The chicks who got shafted that night are probably putting laxative in her Red Bull or rubbing down the pole with KY jelly before she takes the stage. Girls are ALWAYS in competition with one another, but when you add the element of money on top of that, heads will roll.

[h/t MediaTakeOut]

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