Tara Reid Is Looking Crazy Hot In These New Bikini Photos As A ‘Screw You’ To The Haters

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Tara Reid has a tendency to go up and down in the public eye: one day she’s the beloved actress from American Pie, the next day she’s a leathery bag of golf clubs that people keep telling “You need a cheeseburger, bad.” Well here’s a big “fuck you” to all the Tara Reid haters out there, because she just posted some new bikini photos from her vacation in Cabo San Lucas and DAMN am I impressed.

Fuck your cheeseburgers, fuck your leathery golfing bags and fuck the haters, because all you really need in life is Tara Reid…and food. And air. Shelter is probably important too but those last 3 are more important.

I love cabo💜

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Cabo woohoo💜

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