Let’s Keep This Endless Summer Going With This Hottie From LSU Who Loves To Go Fishing

by 3 years ago

Instagram / taylorrodriguezzz

As I’m sure most of you have noticed by now, I have a bit of a soft spot for ladies who know their way around a boat. Something about growing up in Florida and having spent over half of my life on the water makes these ladies of Instagram who are living that Salt Life really stand out to me.

Earlier this week I happened upon the Instagram account of Taylor Rodriguez after she was featured on an Instagram account that aggregates the best catches of the day. So I clicked on through and found that this chick from LSU really, really knows how to catch fish. And not only is Taylor Rodriguez catching trophy fish on the regular, but she also know how to fill out a bikini.

So, since I know that many of you bros like chicks in bikinis AND fishing, I figured that this would be the perfect Instagram account to share with you today. So check out the pictures below from Taylor Rodriguez’s Instagram, and if you like what you see consider giving her a follow!

🌞⚡️ ↬ content with life 💕

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