Former Nick Star Victoria Justice Forgot To Wear A Shirt, And Bra, For A HOT New Photo Shoot

I have to hand it to whoever cast that Rocky Horror Picture Show thing that aired on Fox last week. Putting both Christina Milian and Victoria Justice in it should have done wonders for the ratings. So it obviously wasn’t that person’s fault that it kind of bombed.

Heck, even Victoria Justice in a bra wasn’t enough to grab enough viewers…

Now we already saw just how sexy the promotional photo shoot Christina Milian did to promote the show was. It was absolutely FIRE.

And now we get to see some of the RIDICULOUSLY HOT pics Victoria Justice did for Kode magazine, which I also assume was to help score a few viewers.

I especially like the part where Justice is wearing a black latex bra and that other part where she’s rocking no bra at all. Solid stuff.

This might actually be sexier than the last time Victoria Justice did a sizzling hot shoot for Kode.

Here’s a little taste of that one…

And heeere is what you all came here for…

And since we’re all already here, how about a few bonus pics?!

Good stuff.

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