This Video Of Slow-Motion Ass Slap Then Perfect Standing Bottle Flip Onto A Woman’s Butt Wins MDW

Remember last month when Mike Senatore flipped a water bottle at a high school talent show and it not only landed upright? Everyone lost their goddamn minds and the video went viral racking up over 12,000 hearts on Twitter.




Big whoop-dee-fucking-doo. The table is a flat surface that doesn’t move. There are no crosswinds.

This. This right here. Now this is a feat of marvel. This gentleman has the concentration of a Zen Monk. After making that ass jiggle with a few slaps (Only enhanced with the slow-motion video I might add), this marksman with the pinpoint precision is able to flip a bottle and land it perfectly on this young woman’s dazzling derriere.

It must be so hard to throw that accurately while you have a raging stiffy.

Part of me thinks this is a guerrilla marketing campaign by Vitaminwater. If it is, kudos to them.

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