Whoa! Check Out The Bikini Body (And Underboob) On Christina Milian

Christina Milian, after years and years of doing well, pretty much nothing, is back, baby, and girl is on fire.

Last night she dropped one of the hottest skirts we’ve seen in some time on us when she performed “Start a Fire” with Lil Wayne (and let’s not forget the very sexy dress she rocked on the AMA red carpet) and now a quick check of her Instagram account and it’s “hello underboob!”

In the interest of thoroughness, an even further check of Milian’s Instagram account brings us this smoking hot video for some photo shoot she did recently…

Who knew, at 33 years of age, and eight damn years since she last released an album Christina Milian still had this kind of awesomeness left in her. Werk it, girl!