10 facts about the man who invented the Oreo Separator Machine

David Neevel has created the ultimate Oreo Separator Machine to separate the cookie from the cream. Welcome to a world without war. Here are 10 important facts to take away from this detailed biology.

1. David Naveel is a physicist, and therefore the next Peter Higgs.
2. David Naveel doesn’t split Oreos to eat each part separately. David Naveel hates cream.
3. The hatred is so strong in David Naveel that he learned how to build robots purely out of spite.
4. This disdain also qualifies David Naveel to write porn titles. “Let’s get that cream out of there.”
5. David Naveel’s glorious mustache is not indicative of his neck hair.
6. The machine took David Naveel a full two weeks to build.
7. Contrary to legend, David Naveel built the machine with tools, not the blood of his enemies.
8. David Naveel may or may not know Kai the Hitchhiker
9. David Naveel is the only man who uses floss regularly.
10.The only thing David Naveel likes more than Oreos is sandwiches.