You Find 102 Snakes Hiding Out In Your Basement—Do You A) Burn It Down or B) Burn It Down?

What would you do if like this family in Saskatchewan, Canada you found out that 102 snakes had taken up residence in your basement for the Winter?

Do you just burn it all down or do you go out and purchase a honey badger? I don’t know what the market’s like for purchasing honey badgers as pets, but I can’t imagine it’s too great. Therefore burning your house down seems to be the only logical course of action, assuming of course you’re a huge pussy and are scared of harmless snakes.

From the CBC News:

They writhed, wriggled and slithered their way inside an unsuspecting family’s home near Regina. Then, 102 garter snakes were plucked up and taken to a wildlife shelter in the city’s northwest.

Megan Lawrence is the Director of Rehabilitation at the Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre.

“We got a call from a family that found some garter snakes in their basement, and as they investigated further they found a lot more. And then they started finding them in other areas of the house, like kitchens and bedrooms. So they decided then it wasn’t a good idea to have them there anymore.”

“They were starting to end up everywhere in the house but in the basement. For the most part they were in tight spaces. Cracks in the floors, cracks in the walls, between boxes, underneath things — anywhere they could get into basically.”

She said they weren’t really hiding, and they weren’t moving very quickly because some of them had apparently settled in for the winter.

“They were already starting to go into hibernation,” she said. “So we just were, you know, picking up boxes and things off the floor and just found them and just caught them by hand. And then we were transporting them in buckets and pillowcases.”

Seriously? Fucking garter snakes everywhere in your home, all up in your bedrooms and whatnot and you STILL don’t call an exterminator or the animal services? You’re just content living a life surrounded by garter snakes (which is arguably the most boring snake there is)?!?!??

For more on this family’s absurd story you can read the full article HERE on the CBC, or you can head over to i09.


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