Amstel Time app trades beer for cell phones

Amstel really wants you to put down your phone and drink more. Their Amstel Time app rewards people with a free beer just for abstaining from their cell phone. Nobody likes me, so this should be a breeze.


We all have friends who are constantly on their phone while at the bar. Some are social butterflies (assholes) while others as so tightly tethered to work that they continue their jobs even during happy hour. It’s the latter than Amstel is after. They want people to truly enjoy their free time instead of constantly going in multiple directions. It’s safe to say they also want people to drink more beer.

The Amstel Time app keeps track in 30 minute intervals of how long it’s been since you fed your digital addiction. When you reach eight hours of phoneless fun a QR pops up to reward your amazing relaxation skills with a free beer. There have been some reports that this didn’t actually happen, but I haven’t spend more than 20 minutes away from my phone so I wouldn’t know. I miss the good old days when all it took was standing idle for three minutes to earn a beer.

Unfortunately it looks like the free booze extravaganza is only happening in Bulgaria, so don’t get too excited. We can only hope that Amstel sales see a significant boost, causing them to bring the program to the office slaves in the States.

via FastCompany

And if you don’t think you need an app like this to finally put down the phone, I submit to you a picture of six people sitting inside a majestic hotel built of ice.

Colin Joliat