Arby’s Sauce might be sold by the bottle

You might be able to stop stealing fistfuls of packets every time you go to Arby’s, because Arby’s Sauce could soon be available by the bottle.


When it comes to fast food sauces, Arby’s is head and shoulders above the rest. Sure, Wendy’s has great BBQ; McDonald’s Sweet & Sour is awesome, and don’t even get me started on the glory that is Taco Bell Fire Sauce. But none of those can hold a candle to Arby’s Sauce or even their Horsey Sauce. They are Level 2 condiments.

Brand Eating reported that bottles were being sold at Arby’s restaurants in Savannah, GA and Harrisburg, PA earlier this year. No word on if they plan on selling them elsewhere, but the idea is out there. Hope is alive for the rest of us. It would be restaurant suicide to offer something so amazing only to yank it out of our roast beef-filled hands.

I put in a call to Arby’s, and will report back.


Arby’s is testing these and further rollout will depend on results. The bottles are 11.5 FL OZ and sell for $2.49 in Harrisburg and $2.99 in Savannah. More importantly, they just released Horsey Sauce in a bottle too! If you’re in either of those cities, do us all a favor and go buy every single bottle.