Astros vendor made poopy snow cones

How do you like your snow cones? Flavored? Spinkles on top? How about a side of fecal matter? An Astros vendor was caught taking a dump next to a whole box of his product. The product being the snow cone, not the poop.

Upon seeing the video, the Astros released a statement. Because, you know, nobody likes poopy snow cones. Yellow snow cones? Maybe. But not brown.

Statement from Astros President of Business Operations Reid Ryan

“The Astros were notified immediately by our partner ARAMARK of the incident involving a vendor on Monday night. We commend the swift reaction displayed by ARAMARK of terminating the employee immediately upon learning of the incident that evening. This isolated incident was a clear violation of our food safety practices and is not reflective of our standards.

“The Astros share ARAMARK’s view on the importance of food safety and will work with them to ensure that our fans have a safe and outstanding experience at Minute Maid Park. We also commend the fan for his vigilance in pointing out the inappropriate actions of the vendor. The Astros personally thanked him and advised him of the swift action taken in regard to the employee.”

Statement from ARAMARK

“Food safety is extremely important to us. This vendor’s actions were a clear violation of our food safety practices and are not reflective of our standards. This was an isolated incident by a third-party subcontractor and we promptly dealt with the matter when it was brought to our attention.”

Did you have a snow cone at Minute Maid Park? Did it taste funny? Please send us your story and please go to the doctor. Get all the shots you can.