8 awesome theme beers you didn’t know existed

Best Theme Beers

lonelanternsociety, Flickr

Put down your Budweiser. Lower your Sam Adams. Bequeath your Corona. Relinquish your Guinness. Today we’re going to talk about some cool under-the-radar theme beers that you never even knew existed…until now. What’s your favorite small batch or novelty brew?

Photo credit: lonelanternsociety, Flickr

8 Monty Python’s Holy Grail

The Black Sheep Brewery bottles this Monty Python approved brew with “more hops than a killer rabbit.” You can find this one for sale in theaters showing the hit musical, Spamalot.

Taste/body: Fruity, creamy, dry and crisp.

Photo credit: Black Sheep Brewery

7 AC/DC Beer

The Karlsberg Brewery in Homburg, Germany brews this pale ale with a 5% ABV exclusively for those who are about to rock.

Taste/body: Pale golden color with a medium white head, smells of mild pepper and fruit with a simultaneously sweet and bitter taste.

Photo credit: AC/DC Beer

6 Dayman Coffee IPA

Dayman Coffee IPA

Stone Brewing Co., Facebook

Stone Brewing Co. and Two Brothers Brewing Co. are teaming up with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to offer this beer. Obviously, this is something everyone who watches the show has been waiting for along with Kitten Mittens.

Taste/body: Will be available as of March 2013.

Photo credit: Stone Brewing Co., Facebook

5 Game of Thrones Beer

Prepare yourself, nerd beer is coming. Game of Thrones has a beer called “Iron Throne Blonde Ale” that’s probably perfect for drinking while you’re watching Game of Thrones.

Taste/body: Will be available as of March 2013, around the same time the show’s third season premieres.

Photo credit: Ommegang Brewery

4 Motorhead’s Bastards Lager

“Bastards Lager” is being brewed by the Swedish brewery Krönleins and is available on a case per case purchasing basis or probably at your local biker bar.

Taste/body: A citrusy, zesty malt flavor that goes great with pizza, burgers and grilled items.

Photo credit: Brands for Fans/Motorhead Drinks

3 Dogfish Head’s Grateful Dead Beer

“American Beauty” is a strong pale ale brewed with American hops and barley that will almost certainly have a lawsuit coming after it for its name.

Taste/body: This will be available as of October 2013 and will most likely taste like a soothing mixture of hippie grundle sweat and hemp-seed.

Photo credit: Dogfish Head Brewery

2 Dogfish Head’s Peal Jam Beer

Dogfish released “Faithfull” to celebrate Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary of their debut album Ten.

Taste/body: This strong, Belgian-style golden ale is brewed with black currants and sports a hefty ABV of 7%.

Photo credit: Dogfish Head Brewery

1 Hanson’s Beer

It’s called MmmHop and no, I couldn’t possibly be making that up. The Hanson boys are now in their late 20’s and early 30’s and have teamed up with Marshall Brewing Co. to create this.

Taste/body: Sadly, since this news broke over a year ago, there has been little coverage or updates regarding it. Has this beer gone the way of Hanson’s career? Let’s hope not.

Photo credit: YouTube/Hanson

(Previously published on January 28, 2013.)

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