Baileys Chocolat Luxe is packed with real Belgian chocolate

Diageo introduces new Baileys Chocolat Luxe, the first product in which real Belgian chocolate has been fused with alcohol. They didn’t just squirt and stir though, it’s been three years in the making.



You’ve likely had chocolate beer, chocolate flavored vodka, or a cocktail with a chocolate syrup. You’ve never had an actual liqueur made with real Belgian chocolate though because Baileys Chocolat Luxe just invented it. It’s not just a few shavings added either. There are 30 grams in every bottle. Your Irish Coffee is about to get a whole lot better.

Creator Anthony Wilson sampled 200 different types chocolate (rough life) before decided to commission his own specific variety. It then took 839 failures before he finally got the product to where it needed to be. Remember when you were told, “if at first you don’t succeed…?” Apparently he got the memo.

The final products isn’t supposed to just taste like chocolate flavored Baily’s. It’s meant to be “a real quality chocolate experience.” They lowered the ABV by 1.3% in order for the whiskey to compliment the chocolate instead of overpowering it. What, you didn’t know that Baileys was made with Irish whiskey?

“The philosophy behind developing Baileys Chocolat Luxe was to create an ambient molten chocolate experience – something that you could pour and drink at room temperature that would have the multi-sensory experience of eating chocolate. This is combining two ingredients that were always destined to be together; finally becoming a reality.

As of now the only announced release is in the UK, but Baileys is a global powerhouse so it’s destined to reach our shores in the near future. I’ve put out the call for an exact timetable and will update when I hear back. For now you’ll just have to be satisfied with any number of delicious chocolate beers.

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