How much would you pay to join a ‘bathroom club’?

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Living in, or traveling around, a major city has its drawbacks. Issue number one is usually where to go number two.

The people at Posh Stow and Go feel they’ve solved that problem — at least in NYC. The company offers two services, and ironically, both are perfect for leaving your shit.

Tired of carrying your shopping bags to restaurants and theaters? Tired of looking for clean, safe, private bathrooms in the city? New York has the best of shopping, sight-seeing, theaters, parks, museums, and every sort of culture and entertainment… but experiencing those things while carrying extra baggage and finding privacy in a clean bathroom can ruin a good time. POSH Stow and Go is the answer!

Members can use our private, secure storage lockers to take a load off. Keep your belongings with us for the day and come pick them up when you are ready to go home. Once your items have been stowed – GO before you hit NYC! Our bathroom facilities – featuring motion-sensored flushers and faucets, high-powered hand dryers and even baby-changing stations – are immaculately clean, sanitized and cared for by a friendly and attentive staff that is always on duty.

So how much is a membershitship? For a $15 annual fee members can choose a “package plan” in various increments: $24/day for three days or $60 for ten days. It all depends how much you go and how much you go. The company is planning locations all over the city with the first dump off location set it open in Midtown Manhattan in the summer.

This is perfect for the frequent NYC traveler, businessman on the go or anyone who can’t read Starbucks signs.

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