ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is much better with beer

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Dumping an ice bucket on your head does nothing for ALS, but it makes for some entertaining videos. This ice bucket challenge might be the best of all, mostly because it involves craft beer and a shattered pint glass.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to strike out ALS as much as the next guy that spends too much time on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube, but unless you’re making a donation along with your ice bucket challenge or actually soliciting donations from others, you’re just a cold idiot. You might as well be Faith Hilling.

Then there are the people who are actually using the viral nonsense to try to do something good, like this guy, Jared. He ups the ante by soliciting donations, then chugging a pint of Snaggletooth Bandana, spiking the pint glass, and having someone else dump the bucket for maximum effect. I usually drink whiskey to keep warm (which doesn’t work, scientifically), but chugging an IPA will definitely get the job done too. There need to be more ways you can drink to cure things.

It goes without saying that ALS is a terrible disease the world desperately needs to find a cure for. Pouring a bucket of ice water on yourself in solidarity is all well & good, but I would much rather you donate any amount of money you can to the ALS Association ( in order to further the work they are doing to fight the disease that steals the life from the people afflicted by it. So by all mean, pour as much ice water on yourself as you please… but donate whatever you are able with the same conviction!

For those curious who the hell Joe Barley is… he’s one of the owners of Solemn Oath, the brewery that just so happens to make the Snaggletooth that was chugged.

I have five friends who have done the ice bucket challenge, so I donated $50. Technically that means my friends are only worth $10, which seems high given how terrible they are. If you want to throw some duckets in the buckets, do so here.

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