7 of the best classes in elementary school

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As kids, we learned tons of important lessons that became the building blocks for the rest of our education. Most subjects were taught by our every day teachers, but there were also some cool things that got us out of our regular classes. Here are some of the best out-of-class classes we had in elementary school.

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7 Art Class

woodleywonderworks, Flickr

Ah, the birth and death of our lifetime usage of the word “kiln.” In art class we could paint, draw, create pottery and engage in a host of other artistic endeavors, never receiving anything less than an “A” for effort.

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6 Phys-Ed

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Kickball, rope climbing, playgrounds, scooters, giant multi-colored bouncy balls and the occasional crab-walk race made gym class a treat for practically everyone…except for the childhood obesity cases.

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5 Lunch

USDAgov, Flickr

So what if there was no teacher? The lunchroom was still a classroom. Here, we learned about biology (the hierarchy of being “cool or “not cool”), math (for adding up loose change to buy an extra cookie) and science (the effects of indigestion from too many slices of that sad doughey pizza they served).

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4 Computer Class

Fort Meade, Flickr

Whether we were learning how to type, playing a fun computer game or falling asleep (because that’s what kids in dark rooms tend to do), computer class was always a welcome alternative to learning about history or English.

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3 Science Class

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Back in elementary school we didn’t have to perform complicated science experiments or use math (blech) to solve physics problems. We just watched The Magic School Bus with Ms. Frizzle, learned about conservation and recycling and looked at pictures of cool animals.

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2 The Playground

wsilver, Flickr

Like lunch this one’s not technically a class, but the playground was an alternative classroom. Here, we discovered lessons that were far too advanced for our age group to be taught in a traditional classroom. We learned about society (how social cliques formed), psychology (what picking a kid last for kickball does to their morale) and human nature (bullying, sharing, etc.) in a way that no teacher could teach.

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1 Whatever the Substitute Teacher Could Manage

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We all know that no matter who the substitute was or what they were teaching it was always easier to goof off because there was less work, they didn’t know you by name and they were too busy being terrorized by the rest of the class to bother with you. Long live substitute teacher day.

Photo credit: USAG-Humphreys, Flickr