Best one-liners, Frisbee trick shots, Ashley Sky and more are winning the Internet today

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Best One-Liners From Classic Sports Movies

one liners

Bleacher Report

Caddyshack better be on this list.
20 Favorite One-Liners From Classic Sports Movies

The Best People at Every Bar

bar people


Your mission: be one of these people.
The 19 Best People at Every Bar

Not If Triple H is Bailing Her Out


Ashley Sky was Born to Wear Bikinis

ashley sky

SI Extra Mustard

Seriously, she was. Here’s visual proof.
Hot Clicks: Athletes Taking Batting Practice; Ashley Sky in Bikinis

Russian Prison Tattoos and Their Meanings

russian prison tattoos

Caveman Circus

This will be the weirdest thing you read today.
Russian Prison Tattoos and Their Meanings

Epic Frisbee Trick Shots

Yoga Pants Pics Just Make the Day Better

yoga pants

Girls in Yoga Pants

I like to call it Yoga Pants Therapy.
12 Lovely Yoga Pants Pics to Brighten Your Day

The Countdown to Football Continues


The Big Lead

Time can’t move fast enough. (Sorry, baseball.)
46 Days to Football: Crazy Fandom and Getting on ESPN

Yari and her Amazing Shirt


Gorilla Mask

More women should wear shirts like this.
Yari (NSFWish)

Amazing How That Happens


The Most Amazing LEGO Creation Ever?

lego tumbler


$200, 1,800 different pieces, one awesome Tumbler.
LEGO Built the Batman Tumbler

Marianne Fonseca is Good at Bikinis

marianne fonseca


Of course she’s from Brazil. They all are.
Model at Midnight: Marianne Fonseca

Portraits Made into Haircuts? Portraits Made into Haircuts

haircut portraits


This is amazing.
25 Portraits Made into Haircuts

Alison Brie Bouncing GIF!!

alison brie bouncing gif


I think I just had a religious experience.
This Alison Brie Bouncing GIF is Fantastic

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

Laura Juozaityte


Most popular beers, awesome dogs, Laura Juozaityte and more!