This ‘Birds With Boobs’ Video May Be The Weirdest Thing You’ll Ever See On The Internet


YouTube / WorldWideInterweb

On the Internet there’s ‘weird’ and there’s ‘Birds With Boobs Weird’. I’d argue that just about every single meme on the Internet can be categorized as plain ol’ weird, but once those memes start becoming meta that’s when things start getting particularly weird (I’ll explain more about this in a moment). What we’re seeing in this video is something that’s already funny go super meta, and turn into the weirdest shit imaginable.

The ‘Birds With Arms’ is a meme that’s existed for quite some time and has kept people laughing for years on the Internet, an example of this can be seen here:

This is a meme that’s flourished on Reddit and Tumblr, just google ‘birds with arms’ and you’ll find enough content to keep you entertained for the next week. So what happened next? Well, it looks like people realized that on the Internet ‘sex sells’, and that photoshopping boobs onto birds instead of arms would get A LOT more clicks. Furthermore, several avian species have some of the funniest names in the animal kingdom, names that make birds PERFECT for getting boobs photoshopped onto them. So that’s presumably how ‘Birds With Boobs’ was born and overtook ‘Birds With Arms’ as the reigning bird-related meme.

Now I’m not saying whether ‘Birds With Boobs’ is good or not, I’m just saying that this is without question one of the weirdest things you’ll ever see on the Internet. The deeper you go down the Internet Rabbit Hole the weirder things get, and the Birds With Boobs meme is quite possibly as weird as it gets.

This is your brain on drugs: