12-Year-Old Girl SMASHES Bluefin Tuna World Record, Reels in 616-Pound Fish, Is Manlier Than You

A 12-year-old girl just reeled in a 616-pound bluefin tuna up in Nova Scotia, Canada. In doing so she destroyed the existing world record of 431-pounds for girls aged 11 to 16.

Be honest bros, how many of you have ever reeled in a 616-pound fish? I know there’s a handful of you reading this that have, but the majority of you have never caught a fish that big.

My biggest is a 300-pound blue marlin in Costa Rica on 30-pound test, and I thought my fucking forearms were going to split open and melt. This girl’s fight was just a weeee bit different, look at the size of that reel in the pic.

I’m assuming this is an all-tackle world record for that age group/gender, because nowhere can I find anything about the pound test of the line she reeled it in on. Only that she was using 30-45 pounds of drag, and it took her two hours to reel in the behemoth fish.

From the DailyMail:

A 12-year-old girl has broken a world record after reeling in a 616-pound bluefin tuna.

Jenna Gavin, from Nova Scotia spent two hours battling the giant fish while on a fishing charter with her parents John and Chandra.

The school girl was fishing on a boat in the Northumberland Straight, off the coast of Nova Scotia when she hooked the giant fish.

For the record to stand, Jenna’s parents had to leave her alone to battle and land the tuna.
The youngster’s mother Chandra said: ‘Jenna was thrilled when she finished the fight and was really excited when we pulled it out of the water to put it on the deck.

‘The biggest fish she had caught before this was a mackerel which we use for bait, they weigh roughly around one pound.

‘The fish was caught just below the surface, maybe 10ft down, our mate saw the silver flash as the fish swam through the water.

‘The last 40 minutes of the fight were difficult because the fish was straight down behind the boat and she had 30-35 pounds of drag on her the whole time.’

The holder of the record for the largest bluefin tuna ever caught, Ken Fraser, was fishing nearby when Jenna hooked her own monster. Fraser landed a 1496 fish off the coast of Nova Scotia in October 1979.

The only thing I find wrong with this story is that somehow this girl’s angling career has just peaked at the age of 12. She’ll likely never catch a fish bigger than that, but at least she’ll be chasing the great white buffalo and always be on the hunt for a bigger fish. So not all is lost for her.


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