‘Boss Hog’ is Discovery’s answer to ‘Duck Dynasty’ and it has 100% more bacon

If Ricky Bobby, Michael Winslow, and Tickle melded into one hog loving human, you’d have Pigman. If you then gave Pigman (not to be confused with ManBearPig) a TV show, it would be Discovery’s new Boss Hog.

Late night TV in bed undoubtedly falls into three categories: Law & Order SVU, which is always a bad idea, non-Bravo reality shows, or whatever’s on the Food Network. Discovery combined the last two into one show with Boss Hog. It’s Duck Dynasty meets every show on which Guy Fieri has ever appeared.

I’m still not entirely sure what to expect from the show, but follows Brian “Pigman” Quaca’s business, appropriately named Pig Time, runs high-end hog hunts, customizes bows, and taxidermizes trophy boars. I’m sure Ted Nugent, Xzibit and Chuck Testa are proud.

So where does Guy Fieri come into play? Pigman hooked up with a BBQ joint to sell the meat from all his dead hogs, so there’s going to be plenty of cooking done on the show. You actually see a whole hog get butchered in the pilot. Sexy, sexy bacon.

The cast seems to be the usual batch of reality show instigators, but one person immediately stands out. Even though he probably won’t have a big part, Snag is already my favorite character. Why? He can do this…