Garrett Oliver doesn’t care about Brooklyn Brewery beer ratings

Beer reviewers assume that everyone cares what they think. Not many people do though, especially the brewers. Garrett Oliver, brewmaster for Brooklyn Brewery, explains why it’s important for brewers to not give a shit about your rating. It had never occurred to me that brewers should be reading them in the first place, but Oliver makes it very clear why they shouldn’t.

I have always written what I would call beer introductions rather than reviews. If I try something new and interesting, I’ll write what it is and what it tastes like. That’s it. There isn’t a number, letters, or 1/5 mug rating attached to it. If you’re reading my writing about a beer, it means I either liked it or found it interesting because otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time. Sure there may be a few things like “awesome” or “tastes like a unicorn galloping over a rainbow while Judy Garland sings” in the article, but chalk that up to rational exuberance.

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