Captain Morgan continues treasure hunt in ‘For Gold and Glory’

by 6 years ago

You’ve undoubtedly seen the Captain Morgan commercial in which he Black Pearls someone out of jail just to use the map tattooed on his back. Part two of that trilogy premiers during this week’s Breaking Bad, but you can watch it now. It’s a fitting way to spend a few minutes during National Rum Day, but pirates ye be warned, the beat of the song will get stuck in your head.

Using the symbol of a rival rum company seems like an odd choice, but Captain is so well established as a spiced rum that there is little competitive overlap. Plus, who better to help you find a cave than a colony of bats? The culmination of the trilogy is in 2014, and it likely be timed with the premier of Starz’ Black Sails or NBC’s Crossbones. That’s not based on fact; I just think it would be smart.

In case you somehow don’t remember the ad that’s been aired for months, here’s a refresher.

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