Carl’s Jr. testing Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

I rarely get dessert from fast food joints, but Carl’s Jr. knows just the right buttons to push. They’re testing a new Strawberry Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s part nostalgia, part delicious.


Unlike Arby’s, Carl’s Jr. doesn’t comment on test products. From what we can gather from the image though, it’s a strawberry Pop Tart broken in half with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in between. As a former Pop Tart addict, I couldn’t be happier. I somehow doubt they’re going to toast it for you, being ice cream and all, but it should bring a tear to the eye of your inner-child. And for only $1.49, you can eat at least a dozen or so with your meal.

Food Beast reports them being sold in Newport Beach, CA, but no word on where other test locations might be. We just have to hope they start selling like crazy and end up being released nationwide. I’d like to see Pop Tarts become the new bacon.

via FoodBeast