Chael Sonnen touches Sage Steele’s hair during bizarre interview

A Chael Sonnen SportsCenter interview devolved into a bizarre discussion of Sage Steel’s hair. Sonnen followed that up by asking if he could touch it. Steele obliged, albeit awkwardly.

Sage Steele: Do you have to have hatred to succeed in this sport? Because here’s the thing, he’s a really nice guy, behind the scenes. I mean, do you have to hate your opponents to win?
Chael Sonnen: Can I touch your hair? Can I feel?
*awkward touching*
Chael Sonnen: I love your hair by the way.
Sage Steele: Random!

You know, at some point these macho MMA interviews need to stop. They’re not funny and they’re not at all entertaining. Bad enough Rampage Jackson set the sport back years when he dry humped not one but two reporters.

Fellas, you’re not cavemen you fight for a living. Keep the testosterone in check.