Cheez-It cocktail wins my heart and stomach


Alie & Georgia are usually the crazy cocktailian Empresses, but a Chicago bartender just created a Cheez-It cocktail, making him the official ruler of all junk food mixology.

Chicago Reader has been doing a cocktail challenge, one I’m sure they wish would become the latest internet craze, for the past nine months. Bartenders challenge each other to make a drink with some crazy ingredient. Afterwards the bartender who created the most recent drink calls out someone new. It’s like a challenge… on the internet… you know how these things work. The latest concoction from Matty Colston of Parachute was too good to pass up thanks to including my childhood favorite, Cheez-Its, not to be confused with those hack impostors, Cheese Nips. No “z;” no me.

I don’t know about you, but I’d consider killing a man to get this Cheez-It cocktail. Kimchi plus Cheez-Its? There’s nothing better. Plus I love both gin and beer cocktails, making this my ultimate kryptonite. Only instead of becoming a sack of sorry like Superman, I become Superdrunk. I’m not the hero you need or deserve, but I’ll certainly save your liquor cabinet from dust.

Speaking of kimchi, did you know you can kimchi bomb? That’s right. I did it, and it was glorious. Suck it, sake.

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