Comedian Tom Green launches his own beer

Tom Green joined the ranks of celebrities with their own beer. He teamed up with Beau’s Brewing to create “The Tom Green Beer,” a milk stout with flavors of chocolate and coffee.



If you don’t remember the Tom Green of old, the choice of a milk stout is actually a tip of the utter to his former gag of drinking milk straight from the cow. Ahh, the good old days when that’s all it took to entertain us.

“Growing up in the Ottawa area, I’ve been a huge Tom Green fan. Having the opportunity to brew a unique and tasty beer with one of my heros is quite amazing — really amazing,” shared Steve Beauchesne, co-founder of Beau’s.

Tom Green sang a little song to celebrate. Good for you if you know exactly what tune to carry.

This is The Tom Green Beer
It’s not The Green Tom Beer
This is my favourite beer
Because it is my beer.

The “Tom Green Beer” was developed as a one-off brew for a festival, but it might get wider distribution as long as Green doesn’t put his bum on it. Canada is certainly stepping up their brewing game. The more people demanding unique and high quality beers the better.

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