8 of the coolest gadgets for your next backyard bash

We all know that parties are cool if the people there are cool, but what about the other critical elements at play?

Good booze? Check. Good weather? Check. Good party gadgets? Check this out.

8. Glow Stick Party Cups

Combining a rave and a game of beer pong has never been capable with a single product – until now. Six beautiful ballsy colors guarantee a good time ahead.

How much? $33 for a 48-pack.
Where can I get it? Amazon

7. Bartendro

Did you ever think you’d be so successful in life that you’d own a robotic drink mixer with a Wi-Fi interface and a digital brain based on the Raspberry Pi mini-computer? Well…you still may not be, because this is not an inexpensive piece of party equipment. To use it, your fellow partiers connect their Wi-Fi device to order from a menu, and can even adjust the size and strength of their drink.

How much? $2,499 for the 7-pump Bartendro 7, $3,699 for the 15-pump Bartendro 15.
Where can I get it? PartyRobotics

6. Six Shooters Ice Shots

It’s a hot summer night and your friends are ready to begin the night with a shot. What could be better than a shot glass made of ice to simultaneously cool off and tie on a sweet buzz? This silicone mold makes six shot glasses out of ice (or fruit juice or coffee or any other freezable liquid depending on how creative you’re feeling), ready to be filled with whatever life-giving nectar you choose to place in it then delicately slammed down your gullet.

How much? $9.99
Where can I get it? ThinkGeek

5. Monster Water Cannon

If you ever feel the need to fire a concentrated stream of water up to 100 feet away, the Monster Water Cannon is the liquid-based weapon for you. It sits on a tripod, providing perfect accuracy for purposes such as: wet t-shirt contests; water fights; washing your car; or shooting a squirrel out of a tree (maybe don’t actually do that one). You can even hook it up directly to a hose for unlimited ammo.

How much? $49.99
Where can I get it? Perpetual Kid

4. DIY Juice to Alcohol Kit

Are you ready to become a home brewer? This kit takes a 64 oz. portion of your favorite fruit juice and a packet of supplied yeast, turning them into a carbonated, alcoholic beverage in 48 short hours. Booze science at its finest.

How much? $12.99
Where can I get it? ThinkGeek

3. The Chill Puck

Cold brews, hot summer; two opposing forces that are irresistible when enjoyed together. The Chill Puck keeps your beer cold and drinkable for far longer than it would fare on its own. Just fill with water and freeze ahead of time or pack with ice cubes, attach to the bottom of your brew, and enjoy.

How much? $12.99 for a 6-pack
Where can I get it? Chill Puck

2. Bar10der

This Swiss Army knife of the bartending world is the perfect all-in-one tool for any impromptu cocktail party. It contains a strainer, knife, zester, channel knife, stirrer, jigger, muddler, corkscrew, bottle opener and reamer so you can cut, mash and mix ‘til your heart’s content. Mixology just became a religion.

How much? $29.38
Where can I get it? Amazon

1. Mobile Breathalyzer

The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer works with various Apple and Android devices to track your alcohol consumption and display your current blood alcohol levels so at the end of the night when it’s time to go home, you can hook your friends up with a future that doesn’t involve getting pulled over and convicted of a DWI. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Or maybe that’s all the hard liquor sloshing around…

How much? $119.99
Where can I get it? Amazon

Six Shooters Ice Shots image: ThinkGeek
Monster Water Cannon image: Perpetual Kid
Mobile Breathalyzer image: Amazon