Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer gives you perfect hot dogs, every time

Hot dogs probably shouldn’t be a staple of your diet, but everyone eats them occasionally. But getting that ballpark or streetside flavor out of a dog is hard to pull off, partially because your kitchen is likely more sanitary. But it’s also because those dogs tend to be steamed, and that’s where the Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer can help out.



It sounds like a single use gadget, but actually, it’s a pretty versatile kitchen tool. It works quite well on hot dogs and buns, but you can use it on pretty much anything that can be steamed, such as vegetables, or something that you need to keep warm and moist.

Best of all, it’s easier to use than even a crockpot. Fill the reservoir with water, fill the middle and top with the food you want steamed, plug it into the wall, set the temperature, and it takes care of the rest. It’s quick, too; it’s got room for twelve dogs and buns.

This may not replace the grill in your heart, but if you’ve got a long day, or a lot of people you need to feed cheaply, this is worth the $100.

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