‘Dead Island Riptide’ special edition includes blood-soaked, mutilated female torso

What better way to let all your co-workers know that you love video games and zombies! And then get a warning from the boss.

Deep Silver UK

Just unveiled is the Dead Island Riptide Zombie Bait Edition, which includes the game in a steel bookcase (that’s neat I guess), various artwork from the game (again, kinda cool), a weapons pack DLC (which is somewhat useful), and a statue of some bikini-clad, British babe whose arms and heads have been ripped off by zombies.

What the hell? And this coming from I’m a 35-year-old male that loves collectables, and still actively acquires action figures and toys. Though I also find zombies boring as hell, and most definitely find that last bonus unappealing.

Like, seriously, I have a hard enough time whenever a girl comes over my place for the first time and notices by Transformers collection, so I can’t image anyone being stupid enough to have that lying around, lest they don’t want to get laid, want to give their roommates something to talk about with friends, and the such.

Anyhow, it’s for the UK and Australian marketplaces. No word yet on a US release, but for the three of you who actually wants to own it, fingers crossed! Though also, you know, eBay.