‘Die Hard 6’ will be a thing — Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson to star in said thing


Fox pictures confirmed this morning they’re interested in a Die Hard 6 script. Yippeesomethingsomething…

Bruce Willis will reprise his role as John McClaine in Die Hard 6. Samuel L. Jackson will take time away from filming 11,000 Marvel movies to reprise his role as Zeus Carver.

The only major issue is there isn’t a new Die Hard script. Is that really a big deal? It feels like a ton of movies these days get made without a script.

Fox is currently searching for Die Hard 6 script submissions according to Twitter sources.

The news comes to us by way of Twitter, with a report that Fox is actively looking for ‘Die Hard 6′ pitches from writers and are only interested in ones that include reteaming McClane and Zeus. Now, that’s far from a done deal. The script isn’t even written yet, nevermind any word on the interest of both Willis and Jackson to return for another ‘Die Hard’ installment (although, honestly, as much as we love both of these guys, they’ve both proven they’re not above taking a job just for the paycheck).

I’m a huge fan of the franchise and luckily I’ve been working on a script for months. It involves McClaine, Carter and a plane that disappears into a black hole. Here’s an early draft.

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