Who wants to break the news to these dogs that they’re not humans?

by 5 years ago

6-18-2014 11-40-42 AM

Dogs are canines, they are not humans, they are animals. These dogs don’t know that. These dogs are trying to confuse us. Bless their hearts.

Dog watching porn

6-18-2014 11-44-33 AM

Dog at a bar

dog at a bar

Dog reading

dog reading

Dog on a swing

dog swing

Dog driving

6-18-2014 11-43-14 AM

Dog staring at a chick’s ass

dog being a perv

Dog meditating

dog meditation

Dog using boobs as a pillow

dog pillow boobs

Dog cleaning poop

dog poop

Dog taking a selfie

dog selfie

Dog in his pajamas, doing some gardening

dog shovel

Dog smoking a pipe

dog smoking a pipe

Dog surfing

dog surfing

Dog getting his tan on

dog tan

Dog watching sports

dog watching sports

A dog who think he’s a chef


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