Drainage Ditch Kayaking might be the dumbest, most amazing sport I’ve ever seen

Here we see two guys extreme drainage ditch kayaking. Until now I didn’t know this was a thing people do, and I’m still unsure whether this is the BEST or WORST sport I’ve ever seen.

Sweet baby Jesus did things escalate quickly there. One second they’re talking strategy and the next they’re plummeting down a drainage ditch, backwards, at speeds in excess of 40MPH. I honestly don’t know if this is the greatest extreme sport I’ve ever seen, or the dumbest. On the one hand they’re tackling uncharted territory, which is always a plus in extreme sports…but on the other hand all it takes is one log in the way for them to flip sideways and smash their skulls in to a thousand little pieces…let’s watch…

Would you try this? Have you ever been kayaking before? (trying to get a better read on the percentage of our readers who are in to extreme sports/outdoors content)


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SOURCE: Reddit