Duff Gardens now slinging Duff Beer at Universal Orlando

Moe’s Tavern in Universal Orlando opened earlier this summer, and now Duff Gardens is open for business. This front-of-the-scenes video shows just how much Simpsons stuff can be crammed into one park.

Beer prices are actually more reasonable than I expected, with Duff and Duff Lite only running $7.25 for 20oz. That’s better than almost every baseball park. Want it in a souvenir mug? It’s only $2.50 more. Compare that to the $12 that Harry Potter will wingardium leviosa from your wallet at the Wizarding World for a non-alcoholic butterbeer. It pays to visit Springfield instead of Hogwarts.

Adding to Fast Food Boulevard, Universal Orlando has opened new areas of Springfield inspired by The Simpsons including Duff Gardens, Lard Lad Doughnuts, and Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck, alongside photo opportunities with Duffman, Chief Wiggum, and Milhouse.

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