This FAIL Compilation Proves Bros Are Hilariously Bad At Using Slip ‘N’ Slides



I guess I’m not shocked that bros suck at using Slip ‘N’ Slides, but it’s just hilarious to see how truly awful they are in action.

TRUE or FALSE: Slip ‘N’ Slides are the harbingers of destruction (answers down below in the comments)

I’m going with true. Slip ‘N’ Slides were simply not made for adult bodies. They’re fine when you’re a tiny little kid and incapable of hurting yourself, but for adults you’ve just got too much muscle propelling you down that slippery ass piece of plastic. Things are bound to go wrong. Think I’m incorrect? Let me know down below in the comments.

One thing’s for certain though: Slip ‘N’ Slides make for the PERFECT FAIL compilation.

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