Finally! A sport for all you pussies who hate breathing oxygen: underwater bass fishing

Do you really love fishing but hate breathing oxygen? And, do you just hate swimming around with a speargun in your hand? Well, do I have the right thing for you!


I’m not exactly sure why this is a thing, but let’s go ahead and establish that ‘underwater bass fishing’ is in fact a thing, and now that I’ve seen it holy crap do I want to try it.

I suppose this method of fishing would actually be best accomplished with a mask and snorkel (scuba tank would be too loud), but, I like to think someone’s out there holding their breath below water in anticipation of the next big bite…

So who’s up for a trip to the Upper Niagara River? I’ll drive and provide the poles, you cover the gas, let’s do it!

SOURCE: ThrillOn (h/t Guyism reader @Regan)