Watch This Giant Panda Discover Snow For The First Time And Forget About Your Shitty Travel Day

All week long they’ve been calling for snow-pocalypse-mageddon here in NYC, saying that we could get up to 12-inches of snow. Well, the storm’s here and it’s only going to rain all day (albeit heavy rain).

But elsewhere in the northeast it’s snowing hard, and it’s wreaking havoc on airports and highways. So if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who waited until today to travel somewhere for Thanksgiving I want you to stop, for a minute and watch this video of Da Mao the Giant Panda playing in snow at the Toronto Zoo.

Because isn’t it better to live vicariously through this majestic beast than to get out of your car and punch some asshole in the face for cutting you off while shooting down I-95?

Let this panda be your stress ball:


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