If You Want To See The World’s Largest Dead Rat Then By All Means Click This Article

What is easily the largest dead rat I’ve ever seen was recently found in a row house in Baltimore. At first I was watching this video and thinking there’s no way in hell that thing is real, but the video went on and I became convinced.

If you’re into looking at dead rats and/or gigantic rats, consider today an early Christmas. Because this thing is not only dead, it’s the biggest dead rat I’ve ever seen in my life.

Apparently the family that took this video knew they were dealing with a serious rat problem, hence why they filmed this, but they did not know just how gigantic the dead rat would be. So, prepare to be amazed and horrified:

tip of the hat to our reader Scotty D.M. S. for passing this video along my way!

Did anyone else spend that entire video waiting for the thing to suddenly come back to life and charge the camera?


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