Ravenous Great White Shark Charges Cage, Almost Breaks Open Bars To Get At Diver Inside

So here I am, watching this video, thing to myself ‘isn’t that how Great White sharks typically feed next to these cages?’ They go after whatever meat/chum the boat has dipped into the water, typically a hunk of tuna or something like that.

But then that shark charges the cage, bends the bars, the diver likely shat their pants, and things get real in a heartbeat.

What’s so amazing about this is prior to getting in the water the crew of that boat probably spent hours telling the diver how everything was safe, nothing out of the ordinary would happen because they’d done this a thousand times and aren’t surprised by anything. Then the shenanigans take place! Get your brooms!

video via @JukinVideo

Once more in GIF:


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