‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ might star Adam Sandler

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel Comics

Or Jim Carrey. Because Marvel doesn’t want the movie to be good. Guardians Of The Galaxy is one of the more perplexing comic books to make the leap to the big screen. It’s a third-tier Marvel series that stars a bunch of characters that the general public is really not familiar with – Star-Lord? Drax The Destroyer? And most notably, Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Rocket Raccoon (who got a bit of exposure in last year’s video game Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3) is – well, he’s a gruff talking raccoon who loves to destroy things. And Groot is his best friend – a tree. So these aren’t really characters that are going to show up as Halloween costumes.

Marvel is currently still involved in casting the movie, with a lot of news recently about actors in the mix for Star-Lord, the group’s leader. Past names that have been brought up for the part include Lee Pace, Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston and Jim Sturgess, recently joined by Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell and Cam Gigandet. It’s obviously a big part and one that is important to the movie as a whole.

But the scary casting news, as reported by Latino Review, is that Marvel is also reaching out to… Adam Sandler. And Jim Carrey. If you hear alarm bells in your head, you’re not the only one. What characters they’re considering these two comedic geniuses to voice has not been released, but smart money’s on Rocket Raccoon, obviously. Carrey is actually dipping his foot in the superhero universe right now while filming Kick-Ass 2, but that doesn’t fill me with that much confidence. Sandler, on the other hand, has been behind some of the most critically savaged movies of the decade so he’s not exactly a box office draw here. More news as we hear it.