Here’s A Lesson On Why You Should NEVER Try To Film A Spider Up Close

This man broke the First Rule of NOPE: Thou shall never approacheth a spider and try to film it up close.

Cyclist David Hesson found this menacing looking arachnid on his helmet and for reasons unfathomable to any normal person he decided it’d be a good idea to get as close to it as possible and film it. He learned his lesson.

Not only did he learn his lesson, but he ended up screaming like a toddler on the Internet in a YouTube video that’s well on its way to going viral. I don’t see why anyone should ever have to be told to stay away from this spider, it’s a basic instinct to not want to be near that thing, but here goes: if you see a spider like this in the wild, do NOT approach.

via HappyPlace

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