How to open a case of beer like a boss*

Bartenders hate constantly having to open beer bottles. Thankfully a German fellow, probably named Alexander, invented a bottle opener that can open a case of beer at a time. That’s right a 24-bottle opener.

There’s not much more audibly satisfying that the sound of a freshly cracked beer. It’s like Mozart for my liver. Sure, the device failed to open a couple of them, but I can look the other way for making such quick work of an entire case. The question will be, how long did it take to get the opener into position? My extreme enjoyment from the sound makes me indifferent, but I’m curious.

*No, I don’t think “like a boss” is still a saying that is used by normal people. That’s how most of the videos were titled though, and I’m to impress my actual boss by getting a billion clicks.

via Gizmodo