Grilled Nutella pizza topped with bourbon cherries is the best dessert on Earth

Guys take great pride in their grilling, but much like buying a motorcycle, chicks couldn’t care less about your perfect burger. If you really want to impress her, try grilling this Nutella pizza. Don’t worry, there’s bourbon involved.


There are three things I know about bourbon cherries. One – they’re expensive to buy. Two – they’re delicious. Three – I’m sorry, I lost my train of thought while eating all of these delicious boozy bites.

Want to really enjoy summer? Add bourbon to everything you eat, especially cherries. You don’t have to soak them for a long time or use them sparingly in cocktails though. Follow your boy Chef Michael Symon’s lead and dump some Knob Creek on cherries then top a pizza. It’s much more simple than the Rye Whiskey BBQ Chicken Pizza that I made last year, and it involves Nutella. Who doesn’t want Nutella pizza?

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