Long John Silver’s ‘Big Catch’ the ‘Worst Meal In America,’ says science

Long John Silver’s “Big Catch” has been given the dubious honor of being named the “worst restaurant meal in America.” Luckily that’s the one fast food restaurant to which you’ve probably never been.

The nutritional information for Long John Silvers’s “Big Catch” is pretty impressive. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) found it contains 1,320 calories, 33g trans fat, an additional 19g saturated fat, and 3,700mg sodium. That was good enough to be named “worst restaurant meal in America.”

Those numbers are higher than Long John Silver’s reports in their nutritional information, and CSPI also claims that the size of the “Big Catch” is smaller than stated. Maybe that’s a good thing? Lengthy Johnny isn’t backing down though.

We stand behind our published food data and will review any requests from CSPI that raise questions about our data.

I can think of few things that are worse overall, as pointed out in the “10 Most Unhealthy Fast Food Menu Items,” but it appears as though CSPI believes trans fat is public enemy number one. The BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter has 1,450 calories and 84g fat (60% more) but manages to reach that astonishing number with only 1g trans fat so they apparently it’s all good.

As all good organizations do, CSPI is threatening to sue Long John Silver’s…because ‘Murica.

Press Release from CSPI