Iconic soft drinks from every state, because we can’t always drink hard

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A buzz-killing friend once told me that we can’t drink booze all the time, so you better have a good alternative. Some might suggest water, but who are we kidding, this is America! Check out the most iconic soft drink from every state.

Here are a few of the soft drink highlights:

  • California – A&W. Nothing beats the draft root beer from one of the restaurants
  • Colorado – Izze. Who doesn’t love sparkling juice?
  • Illinois – Green River. I’ve lived here for 8 years and never had it.
  • Massachusetts – Polar. Their Ginger Ale is great with whiskey; you’re welcome.
  • Nebraska – Kool-Aid. Grow up, Cornhuskers.
  • Nevada – Red Bull. Because Vegas.
  • New York – Dr. Brown’s. How can soda be unhealthy when there are so many doctors in the game?
  • West Virginia – Mountain Dew. The original whiskey chaser.
  • Florida – Big Gulps huh, welp, see ya later.

Obviously the first instinct is to scroll to your home state, which in my case meant Michigan. It’s no surprise that Faygo is the top soft drink in the Murder Mitten. Not only do those juggalo dickbags love it, you can also buy it in 3-liter bottles. What could be more iconic than 100+ ounces of bubbly sugar with names like Rock & Rye, Red Pop, and Moon Mist.

Faygo was way ahead of their time with marketing too. They wrote a song about childhood joys for a commercial long before Buzzfeed reminded us of every single thing that ever existed back in the day. They even used the phrase “Faygo remembers” well in advance of Pepperidge Farm or Family Guy.


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